Romanian Oina Federation, in partnership with the Scripor Alphabet Association – Tudor Scripor, dedicated to visually impaired individuals

April 19, 2022

The Romanian Oina Federation signed, on Tuesday, April 19, 2022, a partnership dedicated to visually impaired individuals, together with Tudor Scripor, the inventor of the alphabet of colors for the blind – the Scripor alphabet, an invention nominated for the gold medal at the Geneva International Invention Fair in 2019.

As a result, visually impaired individuals have a new chance in sports with the help of the partnership between the Romanian Oina Federation and the Scripor Alphabet Association. The partnership aims to make the game of oina accessible and address the needs of visually impaired individuals in order to create a real opportunity for their integration into the game.

“This partnership is in line with the strategy of the Romanian Oina Federation. The Federation aims to make sports accessible to as many categories of people as possible. Thus, the need to address visually impaired individuals naturally arose, leading to the partnership with the Scripor Alphabet Association. The involvement of the Scripor Alphabet Association in promoting and making the game of oina accessible for visually impaired individuals is a step forward in promoting the national sport and a new proof that the Romanian Oina Federation seeks to support anyone passionate about this sport, regardless of their condition,” stated Nicolae Dobre, the president of ROF.

Tudor Scripor, the inventor of tactile color standardization, or simply “the Scripor Alphabet,” is one of the most well-known young visual artists in Cluj. Dedicated to the mission of creating a system that allows visually impaired individuals to experience the colors around them, he has continuously sought ways to accomplish this mission. The Scripor Alphabet has been a real success, being used worldwide, both for artistic creations and for more practical things, such as making metro lines accessible to the blind, which have different colors.