Scripor alphabet helps blind people to mark and detect colours and nuances

July 15, 2022

The inventor of Scripor alphabet is Tudor Scripor, a Romanian artist and inventor.

Actually, he invented a code of colours known under the standardised name Scripor Alphabet.
This code of colours helps blind people to mark and detect colours and nuances.

If we think to the 6 dots coming from the Braille alphabet, which are to columns of 3 dots each , and we add a third column of dots we have the core of this new alphabet.

Because this square of dots might cause confusion if is read from the wrong Conner, Tudor decided to have for each simbol an orientation point, which will be always above dot 4.

Practically each base colour, out of this 10 basic colours has an representation in this code, and in case of two or more symbols , the colour’s nuance and even the full range of colour’s chromatic could be marked.
In this episode I have an interviu with Tudor, taken for another technology for blind podcast which I maintain in Romanian language. I did a transcription and translation in text out of this interviu and the English translation of that text file was converted in audio MP3 and mixed with the original interviu.

Hope to enjoy the half hour interviu which I had the opportunity to make with the inventor of this new thing . I think Scripor Alphabet will remove some of the barriers what blind community have when is about colours and their representation.

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