Special gifts for children with visual impairments – the only accessible Christmas globes available in Romania.

December 22, 2022

Created by the Scripor Alphabet Association, these decorations are inscribed with the alphabet of colors, an invention by Tudor Scripor from Cluj that has garnered international acclaim. Similar to the Braille alphabet, these symbols enable the visually impaired, color-blind, and others with disabilities to learn colors.

Psychologist Laura Dănilă, vice-president of the Romanian National Association of the Blind, in Botosani

She expressed her appreciation for the initiative and explained that the association would test the prototype and provide feedback to the foundation on potential improvements to make this accessory even more useful in the lives of people with visual impairments.

Accessibility is a crucial need for the visually impaired, particularly children. In Botosani, a library for visually impaired children was recently equipped with 10 accessible games as part of a project carried out in collaboration with the Urban Mobility Association. As part of the same project, next year, the Scripor Alphabet Association plans to provide visually impaired children in Botosani with color accessible Christmas decorations personalized with their names.