Charity exhibition of hats and other surprises, in memory of Brigitte, a designer from Cluj: ‘It was a cascade of emotions’.

December 10, 2022

The Radisson Blu Hotel in Cluj-Napoca hosted a conceptual event on Friday evening, featuring an exhibition of graphics, hats, and artistic installations made from sustainable materials, in memory of Brigitte Dachmann, a hat designer and honorary member of the Urban Mirror Association, who suddenly passed away last summer.

“I want to thank everyone for the initiative, for the project, it’s wonderful, truly exceptional. I believe Brighi is watching us from above. She was deeply involved in the project,and also a cascade of emotions. I don’t want to prolong it, I want to thank all our friends for their participation,” said her mother emotionally, Ana Maria Dachmann from the “Spiriduş” Puppet Theater, at the opening of the event.

The celebrating of femininity, a project conceived by Brigitta

Named “EVA,” it revolves around the leitmotif of Eve, a symbol of femininity and a return to origins. The exhibition concluded with a video montage created for the project, a charity auction of the hats, with the proceeds being sent to care centers for victims of domestic violence, and a raffle in which several participants won items from local designers.

Completely conceived by Brigitta, EVA takes place within a 16-day activism campaign against gender-based violence, annually conducted by PATRIR. The young woman had a vision in which the primordial woman showcases all her exceptional values.

“The narrative of Eve in the four thematic gardens intends to draw our attention in an active and conscious way to our seemingly small gestures in everyday life, which have a colossal impact on the planet that has undergone various transformations over thousands of years,” noted the organizers.

Hats with labels for the visually impaired. The bridal hat

Brigitta Dachmann was honored with an exhibition featuring dozens of hats created by her under the brand “Hatiful.” All of them had labels for the visually impaired, using the Scripor Alphabetof colors.

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Among the exhibits were elegant hats in various colors, from brown to baby pink, some adorned with accessories such as pearls or chains, as well as a special bridal hat with a veil.

Ecological installations, graphics, harp, and dress code with hats

Furthermore, the sets made for the filming of the EVA project (her last unfinished project) were transformed into interactive installations. They were all made from sustainable materials considered as waste.

In addition, four graphic works, signed by artist Lilia Liutko from Ukraine, were exhibited to support the idea of female power, and Sanda Răileanu delighted the audience with several musical performances, playing the harp.

In memory of Brigitte, all participants in the exhibition wore hats. The entrance was based on donations, with a recommended minimum amount of 50 lei.

Who is Brigitta Dachmann

Brigitta Dachmann was a hat designer from Cluj. She suddenly passed away at the age of 29 due to a cerebral aneurysm. According to the National Transplant Authority, her parents helped other patients by agreeing to donate organs and bone tissue after her death. Thus, Brigitta Dachmann not only left behind her creations but also saved the lives of two Romanian girls, aged 18 and 19.

She and her fiancé organized events for children and supported puppet theater performances. She graduated from the “Doamna Stanca” National College in Satu Mare, her hometown, and after finishing high school, she came to Cluj to study Advertising at the Faculty of Political Science, Administration, and Communication.

She was the first volunteer of the Urban Mirror Association and became a member after a year and a half. She was part of the NGO’s board, leading many projects.

“She was involved in management, logistics, but also creativity, taking care of everything related to shootings and concepts. She brought a lot of value,” said Cristina Cantemir, founder of Urban Mirror, to Cluj24.

The fiancé continues the brand

The association is trying to complete Brigitta’s project, but as it is a very extensive one, they currently hope for a second edition next year. As for her brand, it continues as her fiancé, Sorin Mihalca, has taken over.

“They had planned to get married in September, but she passed away in August. Sorin is now carrying on with the brand; he takes orders and creates the hats,” adds Cristina.

Brigitta continues to inspire those close to her and other art lovers through the hats she left behind and her lifestyle full of creativity, happiness, and dynamism. Through the collaboration with PATRIR, she provides support to victims of gender-based violence.

“The funds and budget raised through donations and sold artworks go to PATRIR. They are the organizers of the campaign, and we have participated for the fifth time,” she added.