Toothbrushes for the BLIND, a new problem solved by people from CLUJ

October 17, 2022

After the launch of inclusive menus and vouchers, the Scripor Alphabet Association from Cluj-Napoca is back with a new example of chromatic accessibility for the blind: inclusive toothbrushes.

„We, people with visual disabilities, face great difficulties in purchasing products due to the lack of accessible packaging. It is our right to know what we purchase and we must have equal access to all products. We are delighted that there is now a universal color standardization that enhances our lives and supports our rights.” says Marin Medeleanu from the Scripor Alphabet Association. Toothbrushes feature self-adhesive tactile dots corresponding to different tactile colors, which are affixed to both the outer packaging and the handle base of the toothbrushes. Toothbrushes are available in the following colors: white, black, blue, and purple.

Another problem solved by the people of Cluj: “What color is my toothbrush?”

Geo Campian, who is blind and a member of the Scripor Association and the administrator of a massage salon in Floresti, noted that the tactile alphabetof colors had removed the color barrier and offered the blind a sense of belonging.

“What color is my toothbrush, and how can I differentiate it from my wife’s? Two questions to which we didn’t have an answer… until now. After buying them, we make different marks/scratches on the handle at home because, being both visually impaired, it would be quite ridiculous to ask someone each time which one is ours: the blue, red, or green one?” said Câmpian.

In addition to toothbrushes, the people at Scripor Alphabet have contributed in other areas, providing accessibility to the blind by launching inclusive menus and vouchers.

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About the Scripor Alphabet. How can you support the innovations from Cluj

The Scripor alphabet is an innovation of Tudor Scripor from Cluj, who opened a new door for the blind.

In 2019, after seven years of work and a reproach coming from a student during a workshop, he completed an alphabetof colors, which he presented publicly at the Geneva Salon of Inventions and Innovations, where he received a gold medal and the Grand Prize offered by the European Inventors Association.

Unlike sign language for people with hearing impairments, in the Scripor alphabet, each color is reduced to a single symbol that is valid in all countries.

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The noble project of chromatic inclusion intended for blind children, youth, and adults worldwide can be supported by making a donation to the Scripor Association.

Additionally, the Scripor Alphabet team provides an email address where they can be contacted for information, collaboration proposals, and similar inquiries:

Stay updated with the activities of the Scripor Alphabet by liking their Facebook page, Scripor Alphabet. The Tactile Alphabet of Colors.